22 Jan 2012

Separated by war. Tested by battle. Bound by friendship

Don't know what it is with me doing 2 posts in one day, once I start I just don't wanna stop! Once again, its the weekend and i'm lying on my bed in a hoodie and my PJ pants. However, I did apply for a job on Wednesday to attempt to put an end to my boring Saturdays and fulfill one of my new years resolutions, I used to love my lazy days so much but when it gets repetitive it definitely gets boring and you end up going crazy, hoping that any minute someone is going to give you something to do. I did have a lovely night last night though catching up with a best friend, her boyfriend and my boy. Just another round up, this time of my week, I shall try and condense all my boring activities instead of rambling on giving you pointless information. 

I'm not one to moan but Monday really was just 'one of those days', you know where everything goes wrong! Especially when your phones dead for the majority of it, must admit it ended quite nicely with a trip to the cinema with a best friend to see war horse. It really isn't a film I would go for but since she loves horses and really wanted to see it I went along not expecting much but wow, it really was amazing, so emotional! (Where this post title comes from if your wondering). Tuesday brought a one year anniversary for me and my boyfriend and after giving caffeine to water fleas in biology (had to get that in there) was spent snuggled on my bed watching films after a trip to blockbusters and eating chocolate, we really wanted to watch The Fighter as I've heard so many good things about it but unfortunately it would not co-operate with my DVD player and kept skipping so we settled for Love & other drugs which didn't disappoint, a cute little love story. Not gonna get all soppy on you but we have had some great times this past year and hopefully many more to come, I love him so much, he knows that. Nothing exciting occurred on Wednesday apart from, as I've mentioned, applying for a job at a small linen shop. I would much rather my first job be in a less intimidating environment such as a smaller shop, hopefully I will hear back but i'm still searching! I finally began revision for my sociology exam on Thursday, considering my exam was on Friday I think I may have left it slightly late, oops... the exam didn't go to badly, think I did ok, hopefully. A lovely early finish on Friday led me to painting my nails, this time a lovely nude duo chrome with one silver glitter nail but sadly the nude colour just refuses to show up on camera! It shines a lovely purple in certain lights, as you may know i'm currently trying to use up my old/unbranded nail polishes so can't tell you a colour name, sorry! This is the brand Luna though, from a silver train case I received as a present from Argos years ago and I have to say all this 'Luna' makeup has impressed me, little bit disappointing it isn't available in stores. My week ended with a friends 17th birthday party, i'm not one to go to a lot of parties but I had such a good time and it was lovely catching up with everyone even if I was left slightly intoxicated, I had planned to take photos of my makeup/outfit for you but me being me was running very late so didn't have time, was rather gutted. Apologies!

Once again, if you have lasted this far then thank you. I know these type of posts aren't for everyone and I totally understand that most of you prefer posts to be split by pictures as looking at a great chunk of writing can be daunting and lead you towards the 'x' but me being a silly perfectionist I like the way my posts look like this but do understand that if I want people to keep reading I should really get over it. I do really enjoy writing these posts and like how I can look back and see what I got up to, how has your week been? Thanks for reading. Love, 
Rachael xx

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