3 Jan 2012

Here's to new beginnings

This is where the real posting begins and I want to say happy new year to you all, I hope you had an amazing Christmas and new year and I hope 2012 brings a lot of great things to you all! 2011 was a great year for me; I visited New York with school, went to Fuerteventura with a best friend, had a trip to London, finished compulsory education and got into sixth form as well as, as cheesy as it sounds, falling in love. I found some great friends last year and learnt some good lessons, I hope this year is as good as last, although I have nothing planned, I'm excited. Although I say every year that I will not bother making resolutions I always do and after having a good think about myself and my life this year is no exception so after reading many other posts of people sharing their new years resolutions here are mine:

1) Take more photos
I always regret not capturing the best times on camera, I can't remember the last time I did! I want to be able to look back and smile, remembering the good times as well as having memories scattered all over my bedroom in pretty photo frames.

2) Stop being lazy/make more time for friends
These two go hand in hand, yes there is nothing wrong with a lazy day now and again, however when the majority of your weekends and school holidays are like mine, spent lazing around in bed, you're left with no energy. I have realized that I should start making the most of everyday, doing things I enjoy with the people that mean the most to me, especially my friends who I definitely do not make enough time for.

3) Gain confidence
My confidence has been a massive issue for me for the past few years, i'm not sure how to go about it but I plan to make progress this year to become a much happier more confident person.

Those are definitely my top three which mean a lot to me and I am determined to stick too, of course I have the cliche ones on my list too; drink more water, eat more fruit and veg, exercise more etc as well as:

4) Always be on timeI really am terrible at being on time and always feel guilty when other people are waiting on me, school is the worst though and now I know that lateness could be mentioned on my references I should definitely learn to be on time.

5) Get a job
So i'm 16 and most of my year have jobs. Of course, I would love a bit of extra money but since the only jobs really going for my age are retail, due to my low confidence, the thought of having to interact with so many strangers everyday does nothing but scare me. I know my mam would be proud of me if I got a job and it would make things so much easier for her in the crazy world of money, as well as help my confidence so yes, I WILL get a job!

6) Look after my hair
Since dying it my hair has become so dry, damaged, flat and lifeless. It really doesn't look very healthy and the amount of hair I loose whilst washing definitely isn't healthy! I've never really had to look after my hair to be honest, washing every other day has always been enough till now so any recommendations are very welcome.

7) Use up old makeup/nail varnish
This is actually something I've been doing since the summer and it really is starting to bore me, I just want to go buy makeup! However i'm one of those people who CANNOT bring myself to throw anything away if it's still usable and I am determined to use it all up. Although my makeup may not look at it's best I have been very good and have only bought things I need because they have ran out and I have no substitute. I have so much old, pretty rubbish makeup, mostly from unfamiliar brands and I will use it all up! Same goes for nail varnish, I have nail varnishes from up to 6 years ago, still usable! 

I'm sorry for this turning into such a long post! I love hearing the resolutions of others so please leave yours below and I wish you all the best in completing them. Thanks for reading, Love, 
Rachael xx


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