3 Jan 2012

Just another blogger

Hello, welcome and happy new year to you all. Although I am most likely talking to myself right now with no followers here I am starting off 2012 with my blog. After religiously reading the blogs of others for the past year I have wanted to start my own for some time, I actually had an introduction post written out in June that I was planning on posting this new year. However, after re-reading that I realized I sounded like some crazy person. I was determined to open my blog on new years day but I was hesitant as to be honest, i'm worried I don't have the time so please understand that this is nothing more than a hobby and I do apologize if posts are a little here and there. I have had a few blogs in the past, yes i'm sadly one of those people who will do something, look at it and angrily rip it up into a thousand pieces before violently throwing it in the bin because it isn't good enough (slight exaggeration?). That's what happened to all of my previous posts. My art teacher seriously hated me for that, first attempt would go straight in the bin, followed by my second attempt, then the third, then the fourth etc... However I have promised myself that I will stay away from the delete button this time in order to have a successful blog. What with this being an introduction post I haven't actually done much introducing, probably just seriously bored you. Every blog needs an introduction post though, right?

I'm Rachael, 16 years old from Newcastle and this is my blog, my own little personal space to write about whatever I fancy. I'm planning on throwing a little bit of everything into this blog and I hope it interests at least a few of you, considering i'm not a very interesting person. Thanks for reading. Love, 
Rachael xx

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