27 Oct 2013

Life since last time

You know when life seems so calm and serene, close to perfect, and then suddenly things begin changing, disrupting the life that you're so used to. It was certain that this year was going to come at me full of change, with turning 18 and starting university and I suppose I am someone who likes routine and gets a little bit scared by change but I decided to try and embrace it. It's been a while since we last spoke and since then many great things have taken place, and some not so great happenings, here's a super quick run down...

 I embarked on my first girls holiday to Kavos, I'm not ashamed of it's awful reputation because I bloody well enjoyed it okay. Then came results day, BBD was what stared at me on the piece of white paper after spending a while being too nervous to peel back the envelope, I was okay with those letters. That's all they are, letters which can determine the next step in your life, crazy isn't it. I was one grade off getting into my number one university, Northumbria, and although they spent the day deciding whether to let me in or not I had accepted an offer from Sunderland University, my insurance choice, before they could confirm their decision. A few phone calls later, I managed to not only change University but change course too, to do psychology.

 Not long after that another holiday greeted me, a more relaxing week compared to the crazy night life of Kavos, I spent it desperately (and safely..) trying to tan beneath the scorching sun in Dubai. Next on the agenda was of course freshers week, consisting of a Willy Wonka themed night, a UV party, 90s night and many more, considering I live at home an hour and a half away from my University (on public transport, always takes twice as long as a car journey!) it was easier for me to spend most of that week at my friends flat, who attends the same Univerisity but decided to move away from home. So, yes, I have had a pretty fun filled few month but I suppose you're wondering what the not so great happenings have been that I previously mentioned.

 Basically, all of this change took a toll on mine and Lees relationship which I guess is understandable considering I was here, there and everywhere. Of course this is a private issue so I will not say too much, the past few months have been so difficult for us, we even decided a few weeks back that it was best to go our separate ways, but it's me and Lee, best friends since 2010, we are stronger than that and giving things another go just felt right. We're doing good again, finally we're back to the old us and I could not be more grateful for him not walking away or we would've never gotten back to this point, thank you Lee.

Change is inevitable, life is bitter sweet sometimes and it gets rough, but time is a healer. 
Rachael x

P.S. I'm eager to launch myself back into blogging right now, but first I'm looking into a redesign which is so exciting as I'm eventually going to let a pro do the job. As soon as that's all good expect more posts from me, hopefully I'll be back soon!

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