8 Feb 2013

45 Facts

1. Me and Lee have been together 754 days, that's just over two years to me and you.

2. I seem to be the opposite of most people in the blogging world. I'm good at saving money and can make it last a long time, I'm rubbish at spending it. This can be a good or bad thing. It's a good skill to have I guess but it does mean I often stop myself buying pretty things that I really want.

3. I have a weird thing about using things up and throwing things out. If it's still useable then I find it hard to throw it  out, even if I can't see myself using it, e.g. that old Primark trio containing a bright blue and bright green eye shadow. To be honest, even if it's not so useable I will try everything to make it useable again and then probably keep it for another few months until I realise that I really should bin it. I need help.

4. Speaking of slightly OCD tendencies, I'm a bit of a clean freak.

5. Oh, and I can be a perfectionist. Which is why my poor blog has been put through so many design and name changes. Even after a week I'm starting to question the current name, oh dear. Someone stop me.

6. I can't wait until I can have my own little doggy friend, they're such loveable animals.

7. I LOVE my bed.

8. I also love mayonnaise.

9. I suffered from social anxiety at the start of high school, just answering the register seemed like such a scary thing. I still can be very shy and socially awkward.

10. Some may say I got into the wrong crowd in high school but no, I didn't. We had the best times and some of them were and still are my closest friends. You just have to stay true to yourself.

11. Over the past few years I've had a big attitude change which has resulted in me having such a positive, happy outlook on life. I would recommend it to everyone.

12. With that attitude change came the realisation that arguements are stupid. You pretty much always end up back at square one, e.g. you were friends, you argued, hated each other for a bit and then were friends again. Just like before. How pointless. I know not all arguements go like that but why waste your time being angry eh? That's why I avoid any arguements now and it makes life so much easier!

13. Disneyland is one of my favourite places, so magical!

14. However, home is my number one favourite place. I'm such a home bird.

NYC 2011

15. I'm lucky enough to have had the chance to experience many different areas of the world; Dubai, NYC, Florida, Paris, Spain, Greece, Canada, Holland, Norway...

16. Back in the day when Katie and Pete were together I had an obsession with the family, weird. I still have massive respect for Pete, the wonderful man he is but Katie, well...

17. Nowadays, that obsession lies within a family with the surname Kardashian. Beautiful people.

18. I was obsessed with my dolls as a youngster. Baby Annabelle accompanied me as a bridesmaid in her very own bridesmaid dress and in Florida I had one of them strapped to me in a baby carrier for the most part.

19. I had major fangs when I was younger, I've recently gotten my braces off after two and a half years and the change is incredible. Although there is still one annoying disobedient wonky tooth showing it's face.

20. I have wanted a sister pretty much all my life, the bond between sisters seems so precious.

21. I have embarrassingly weak ankles which prevent me from wearing beautiful heels, they can't even deal with wedges without collapsing on themselves, so sad.

22. I love long journeys.

23. I'm such a daydreamer, so slow and dozy. You'd think I was in a world far away most of the time.

24. I'm a Summer baby. This has been a good thing for the past 17 years as it's in the middle of the year and if the British weather's feeling nice, the sun will often be shining. Now that everyone is passing their driving tests, turning 18 etc before me it's a bit of a bummer.

25. The day that I get to decorate mine and Lees first little flat will be a good day, I love a bit of interior design.

26. The Lion King is THE BEST film.

27. I can't think of anything better than being in some cosy pyjamas, getting cuddles and watching a soppy DVD.

28. I have had a love/hate relationship with tattoos over the years but now the love for them seems like it's here to stay, I have a few ideas, I'm just terrified of regretting it afterwards!

29. I am pretty small. 5' 1.8" to be precise.

30.  Someone really needs to give me some motivation. I am so lazy.

31. I so wish I could cook some tasty, exotic meals. Even simple, non exotic ones will do. Instead, I live on a lot of microwave meals. The fact that I'm quite a fussy eater and dislike most healthy food doesn't help.

32. Me and Lee could spend hours tickling each other, not as in the fits of giggles tickle but the relaxing super tingly tickle. For him it's his back, and for me, my feet. Unlucky for him eh haha.

33. I used to figure skate and do gymnastics. I miss my flexible self.

34. I am SO BAD at making decisions, even the simple ones.

35. I have rode a camel in Dubai and an elephant in Canada. I've also been super lucky and had the experience of swimming with dolphins, even if the water was deathly cold.

36. I'm very self-critical and will compare myself to others. I dislike how I look in most photos, but I suppose no body's perfect.

37. I'm not a fan of change.

The Hulk, Florida

38. I love roller coasters and crazy theme park rides in general, adrenaline junkie right here, in that sense anyway. You won't see my bungee jumping off a cliff any time soon.

39. I very much doubt you will get me to spend the night in a tent. I hate the thought. Give me glamping any day haha.

40. I had two goldfish called squish and squash. Squash was the fat one.

41. I would love to try pole dancing lessons, purely for fitness.

42. I'm such a soppy person. I'm in one of those cringey, nothing goes wrong, perfect relationships and there's no way I would change it for the world.

43. I really, really don't like talking on the phone. I sometimes find it rather uncomfortable. It's the worst when I'm talking to someone from a business or someone I don't know or hardly talk to.

44. There is definitely something living inside my tummy. The noises it can make are crazy!

45. I am not a morning person at all. I do however, like the snooze button.


  1. I see so many similarities between the two of us, it's scary! I have anxiety issues, I'm good at saving money, I'll never throw anything away and I'm a homebird. Plus we're both from NCL. Clearly separated at birth! Maybe I'm your long lost sister lol. Loved finding out more about you, I'm planning one of these posts for the near future! x

    1. Haha that's crazy! The long lost sister idea seems likely, imagine that haha. Thanks Sarah, pleased you liked it, looking forward to reading yours! x

  2. I would love to have travelled to all the places you have been to! x

    1. I'm very lucky, hopefully you'll get to experience them too in the future! x

  3. LOVED this, we're so similar for number 23. I think i must spend more time daydreaming than I do in the real world! I did a similar post but with only 30 facts, I'm not quite as interesting as you. xx

    1. Thank you, haha me too! I'll have a read of yours :) xx


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