18 Sep 2012

The sound of waves

Blackberry photo, sorry!
001. Shattered. Exhausted. Zonked. That's me right now, is my body ever going to get back in the swing of sixth form life?  

002. So what's been happening, Lee passed his driving test last Monday, yay! We went for our first drive down to the beach and had a cute little walk, doing the obligatory writing our names in the sand thing. My momma and her boyfriend took the two of us bowling on Saturday which was nice, however, I lost one of the games. Boooo! Last night was spent snuggling on the sofa with Lee, of course, I feel like I mention him so much and he doesn't even know about this blog of mine, I do see my friends too haha! The heating was on, hunger games was playing and hot chocolates were made. We decided to get creative and make our own recipe, told you we're the next top chefs! We added cookies and cream ice cream and some minstrels, pretty impressive if I say so myself, it definitely felt like Autumn!

003. I have decided that by the end of the year, my goal is to pass my driving test. I have now had a total of 6 lessons, yes I have stalled at the front of a line of traffic which was rather embarrassing and I constantly forget that up is right and down is left on the indicators but nonetheless I do feel like they're going pretty well. I'm going to be having two lessons a week soon so fingers crossed I'll be able to drive around in my little Corsa by Christmas!

004. Now is Good is coming to the cinema soon and I can't wait to see it, looks so sad and soppy but that's just what I love. Also, I cannot wait for Taken 2, who else is excited? Apparently there's a Hunger Games 2 coming out at some point too which sounds interesting, I wonder how they're going to manage it without making it too similar to the first. If Liam Hemsworth makes the cast again I'll be a happy chappy, as long as we see his face more...

005. Loving Sophie's blog.

Rachael xx


  1. Lovely post. I love reading about the people behind the blog. Sixth from is hard, but worth it, stick at it! I once stalled in front of a line of traffic at traffic lights and couldn't get started again so got out of the car in a strop and made my dad drive me back home... was sooo embarrassed!


    1. Thank you :) Sixth form is definitely tough but I'm going to attempt to try hard this year, aah no way! I hate stalling, I get so embarrassed!


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