4 Sep 2012

Award 4: Liebster Award

Hello, I have another award post today, thank you Samm! The aim of the game here is to share 11 facts about yourself, answer the 11 questions from the 'tagger', create 11 questions for the people you tag and finally, tag 11 people with under 200 followers. Random fact, I was definitely intrigued into what leibster meant so I googled and it's actually German, translating into words such as sweetheart and darling, aww. I also found out that these aren't the original rules at all, it's like a game of Chinese whispers! Anyway...

11 facts:
  1. I'm a total daydreamer, a bit slow and dozy at times.
  2. I am not good at making decisions. At all. 
  3. I'm a curious person, I think it's so strange how things happen the way they do.
  4. I love romantic films, I'm such a soppy girl, n'aww.
  5. I will travel America one day.
  6. I want to stay home for uni, all of my friends are moving all over the country but no, home is where I want to be.
  7. Me and Lee have been together for 596 days, love him lots!
  8. I used to collect stickers, rubbers, bouncy balls and key rings, strange kid.
  9. I often get told I 'look about 12'. That's not fun.
  10. I hate healthy food, life would be so much easier if I liked the stuff.
  11. I'm socially awkward. Terrible at meeting new people and keeping a conversation going.
Questions from Samm:
  1. What's your favourite make-up brand? I can't choose! Different brands are good for different things aren't they...
  2. Do you have any pets? No. I would love a dog, I've been begging for one for so long but it's not happening.
  3. Bronzer or blusher? Hmm, I can go without bronzer, not blusher otherwise I look dead so blusher is it.
  4. Laptop or Mac? Laptop. I would love to own a posh Mac one day but for now, my pink Dell inspiron is my baby, it has treat me well.
  5. Opinion on the brand MUA? I've only tried their undressed palette and I love it, their prices are great so I definitely want to try more!
  6. Favourite palette? As above. I'd love to own the Stila in the lights palette but I've been loving my undressed palette, tis so versatile. 
  7. Urban Decay or Benefit? Benefit, only because I haven't tried anything Urban Decay, I love Benefit's high beam.
  8. What's your dream career? I'm pretty set on social work, preferably working with teens. I'd love to do some magazine writing too.
  9. Favourite blog? I love so many, I'm going to start adding a blog to my reflection posts, I've enjoyed reading through Alix's recently.
  10. Most used eye look? Like neutral or bold? Neutral. I love to experiment with colour but very rarely go out without my go to neutral eye.
  11. Random, iPhone or Blackberry? I have a BB and unlike others, I enjoy my little phone although sometimes, I do crave an IPhone.
My 11 questions:
  1. What makes you happy? Name a few things.
  2. Favourite place?
  3. One of your favourite memories?
  4. One goal of yours?
  5. Favourite way to spend your free time?
  6. One of your favourite make up products?
  7. One of your least favourite make up products?
  8. Favourite fashion 'trend'?
  9. Least favourite fashion 'trend'?
  10. Something you can see right now...
  11. Favourite song at the minute?
11 people I tag:
  1. Jess
  2. Laura
  3. Romany
  4. Helena
  5. Jade
  6. Sarah
  7. Laura
  8. Charlie
  9. Lisa
  10. Sylvia
  11. Lyndsey
Thanks for reading. Love,
Rachael xx


  1. Aw thanks for the tag, it's lovely knowing more about you!xxx

    1. You're very welcome! Thanks, I thought this one would be good to let people know a little more about me :) xxx

  2. Congrats for receiving the award! I got it as well, so yay us! <3 Your facts were really fun and interesting to read. By the way, you will LOVE America when you come ^_^

    1. aw thank you, and congrats to you! I'm pleased you liked them, aah I've been to NY and Florida and loved them, can't wait to see the rest of it! x

  3. I really think I need to start expanding my movie genres, as I've seen every damn romance film out there.
    One day I'd loove to live in America, it is just so much better than the UK and I can never explain it but I love the culture and the freedom and all the cool stuff there!
    And I am just the definition of socially awkward.
    I am honestly painfully shy. It is ridiculous :L ♥ x

    1. Haha yes me too, it's rare that another genre of film will even interest me!
      I totally agree, it's seems like such an amazing lifestyle in the US compared to here.
      Haha, don't worry, I'm exactly the same. I feel for you, I hate it!
      Thank you for following lovely :) xxx

  4. Yay! Thank you for giving me the award!
    I shall get it done asap and let you know when I've done it! :)
    Can't wait to answer your questions!
    Lots of love xxxxx

    1. Your welcome lovely! Thanks, looking forward to it :D

  5. Love all of the facts about you and I found some lovely blogs through the people you tagged :) I live in Newcastle, too! Haha. Small world.



    1. Thank you, I'm pleased you found some new blogs! :) It definitely is a small world haha, I've found quite a few bloggers from Newcastle x

  6. I'm a total daydreamer too! xo

    1. At least I'm not alone! I seem to constantly be in my own little world haha xx

  7. Cute blog!
    WOuld u like to check mine?


    Love from Barcelona.

  8. aah you should try one of the naked palettes! i'm a complete day dreamer too, especially in boring lessons, haha! x

    1. I really want too! Might ask for one for Christmas :) haha yes that's when I'm the worst! x


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