27 May 2012

Award 2: Sunshine Award

Hello strangers! I hope you're all well. I now have one exam left until I'm free! So exciting, unfortunately it is the hardest one, the dreaded psychology py2 but it's the fact that I am going to have so much free time afterwards that's keeping me going. I am going to do a good ol' update post after that day of freedom has arrived (Tuesday!) but I thought I would do a quick post today as the lovely Mollie awarded me the sunshine award!I love this one, it brings out the positives as you have to share 10 things that make you happy and then tag 7 others. It definitely reflects the weather at the minute too, how amazing is it! So here we go:

1: Family, friends and my boyfriend: 
Let's get the most important but soppy one done, they're all absolutely amazing and constantly make me smile, aww.

2: Adventures and holidays: 
Okay, so maybe I don't often experience the most exciting of adventures but just little enjoyable days or weekends out, doing something different is always good. Me and Lee are off to Alton Towers for the weekend soon, our first little adventure, I can't wait! Also, whether it's school holidays or holidays abroad they both make me so happy, being able to relax and do whatever, whenever. Yes please.

3: A successful shop:
Lets face it, which girl doesn't enjoy splashing the cash once in a while and returning home with bags full of pretty clothes and make up? I don't get to indulge in some good retail therapy very often but when I do, it's a good day.

4: Trashy TV:
Many may say that these TV shows are fake and trashy but I don't care because they're still brilliantly addictive. I'm talking about the likes of Keeping up with the Kardashians, Made in Chelsea etc. The type of show that makes you jealous of the amazing lifestyles and beautiful girls, yet we still love watching. I just recently got into Made in Chelsea and I must admit I do look forward to 10 o clock on a Monday night to snuggle in bed and watch the latest episode.

5: Blogging:
I love coming home from school and sitting down to read all the new posts that have appeared on my dashboard. Also, I'm so pleased that I started blogging. I love the interaction and receiving lovely comments, the whole community is just so lovely!

6: Sun:
I do love cosy dark winter nights too but this weather at the minute really is making me one happy chappy! It's making revision so much more pleasant, knowing that I can soak up the rays while I'm at it.

7: Music:
Music can instantly make anyone happy, whether it's a feel good tune that makes you want to dance around like a lunatic pretending you can sing or a song that brings back good memories. Old songs make me so happy! Who remembers Hear'say? Usher - burn? Nelly - ignition?

8: Memories:
Bit of an obvious one but I love having a good reminisce, thinking back on all the good times puts a massive smile on my face, it does make me sad too though, wanting to go right back to a certain day.

9: Lazy days:
Pyjamas. Food. Films. Bed. Nothing wrong with a lazy day once in while, they definitely make me happy.

10: Organisation:
Just because I'm a freak like that.

So there are 10 things that make me happy. I could've went on and on to be honest. Anyway, the 7 people I tag are:

There we go. I've just returned from a lovely pub lunch and am now off to catch the last of the sun and do a bit of revising. I hope you are all enjoying the sun! Love, 
Rachael xx


  1. Thank you for the comment you left on my blog!
    Congrats on this award! :) x

    1. Aw no problem, thank you! :) x

  2. congrats on the award! Your blog is really cute!:)


  3. Hope the Psychology went well - I spent all of my time last summer revising Psych and I still screwed up xx

    1. Thank you :) I think it went ok, not too sure how well I've done to be honest. Aw, the exams definitely aren't easy xx

  4. omg the sunshine award just sounds so cute! ahah hope your exam went well! :) xx

    1. haha I know doesn't it! Thank you! it didn't go too badly :) xx


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