5 Feb 2012

Empty 1

Hello strangers! So I know it's been a while and I do apologize but last week was full of crazy stress as deadlines at sixth form seemed to come racing at me, the subjects I take (sociology, psychology and biology) don't often require a lot of work outside of school, you know that horrible thing called homework, so I have gotten used to living quite an easy life if I say so myself therefore went into crazy panic when I realised I had two lots of biology due in within a few days. Considering we were given the work before Christmas (I think) there was a hell of a lot of it. I have been a run down, exhausted, stressed mess lately but thankfully i'm feeling much better now and thinking positively. I did have a January empties post scribbled down in my mind as part of a list of post ideas but prior to this the bin men had sadly drove away with a few empty containers in their big smelly van leaving me with not much to show so I wasn't actually going to do this. However I enjoy these posts and like how I can cram some mini reviews into one. I get a good feeling when another product can be added to my empties pile, just me? It's strange to think that an empty product makes us feel good, shouldn't we feel sad it's all gone? I didn't achieve much in terms of empties last month, along with these three products a head and shoulders smooth and silky shampoo, a boots botanics pore perfecting deep clean mousse, my lush magic wand and two random bath fizzers have made it to the end of their lives. I have a lot products in my possession at the minute that are on their last legs though so this month should end with a slightly more exciting empties post.

Head and shoulders smooth and silky shampoo: I was actually using this in an attempt to rid my hair of the dull red tone my dye had left me with after hearing Gracie mention that she was using it to strip the colour from her hair. Many people have a negative experience with head and shoulders finding it to be drying which is probably why it has been used by others to help strip colour. Personally, we have always gotten along just fine and although it isn't the most luxurious of hair care brands I actually liked how it left my hair; smooth, shiny and nicely fragranced but nothing amazing. As for it stripping colour I did notice the colour becoming more dull but as it was quite a bright red they tend to fade quickly anyways and there wasn't too much product left for me to be able to tell a real difference, however, now that I am totally converted to dying my hair I wouldn't repurchase.

Boots botanics pore perfecting deep clean mousse: I always feel unfair when talking about skin care as I am on a form of the contraceptive pill aimed at clearing acne so it is hard to tell how much of a difference a product makes, please keep this in mind. With that said this is definitely the best cleanser I have used, inexpensive at £4.07 and aimed at blemish prone skin I love everything from the packaging and the natural scent to the way it feels whilst in use and how it leaves my skin. I was planning on repurchasing but unfortunately couldn't find it in my local boots so opted for a Neutrogena alternative but will definitely be going back to this, maybe not this particular product as my skin is not as oily anymore, but I would like to try more from the brand! 

Lush magic wand and two miscellaneous bath fizzers: I spoke about my love for my lush magic wand here, two words: definite. repurchase. Sadly this star shaped girly pink goodness is only available at Christmas with it having the scent of the oh so famous snow fairy shower gel but I really would recommend adding it to your wishlist this year if a slightly pink, luxurious, moisturising, sweet smelling bubble bath sounds good to you. As for the other two bath fizzers, well I have no idea where they came from but they did have a lovely smell of cherry.

Right guard deodorant: there's nothing worse than a deodorant which simply does not work, us girls are always on the hunt for a deodorant that works well to avoid embarrassing happenings and I think I may have found it. Not the prettiest scent and packaging but it really does work and lasts pretty much all day without having an offensive smell to it, and as for the 72h claim, who wears their deodorant for 72 hours! I would repurchase.

Britney fantasy shower gel: here we have one of those little shower gels we gain from perfume gift sets, often around Christmas time. I really don't understand why people have so much against celebrity perfumes as although they may not smell as 'expensive' I enjoy the lighter more fruity scents. This is one of my favourites and the shower gel smells exactly the same although it sadly didn't last on the skin, it did lather up well though but although I like the idea of using the same smelling perfume and shower gel I have to say I do prefer the likes of dove for a more luxurious shower or bath so wouldn't repurchase if you could buy this alone.

L'oreal tangle tamer: my hair has been getting crazy tangled recently leaving brushing more like a torture so although this is aimed at kids I bought it in an attempt to calm my hair. Firstly, I adore the fruity scent and the fact it stays in your hair as well as the childish design but unfortunately, although it didn't leave my hair greasy or anything, it just didn't do the job so I wouldn't repurchase. Maybe a child's hair is different? I am considering buying a tangle teezer, are there any products you would recommend for seriously disobedient tatty hair?

There we have it, I have been left slightly worried for this months empties post after this one turning out to be so long but i'm sure I can carry on learning how to condense my thoughts. Also, must stop saying 'I am considering to buy' as I know fine well I have only a teeny amount of money in my possession. As for what has been going on in my life I really don't have much to tell you, apart from my biology work I have just been lazing round with the boyfriend to be honest, I was at a small party last Saturday which I failed to get any decent photos from but that's about it. Sadly the boyfriends away to Scotland with work next week so I have been thinking of how to keep myself occupied, beginning with a Chinese meal in town with my girlies tomorrow, i'm so looking forward to a good catch up! Watching my 90210 box sets is on the cards for the rest of the week as well as a bit of pampering, I really have been letting my appearance go and am rather ashamed of my outgrown hair and unruly eyebrows but by the end of the week that shall be sorted, seriously thinking of a full fringe but not sure I can deal with such a change. That is all for now, I am off to watch dancing on ice, I hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading. Love, 
Rachael xx


  1. seriously buy a tangle teezer they are really good! it's really good on wet hair too! x

    1. aah thankyou! They sound great, definitely on my wish list x

  2. I would say if your looking for a spray type detangler I have massively thick knotty hair and Aussie Miracle leave in conditioner is the best, it's around £3 but I use it every day since October and I still have half a bottle left :)

    1. ooh thankyou, wanted to try Aussie for ages and this sounds perfect!


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