16 Oct 2012

I want to be a bird and fly away

001. I believe I owe you all a bit of an explanation, you may have been wondering what the hell is going on over here, on my little blog. Well it all began when I believed that starting a new blog was the way forward, I managed to create a design I was proud of (yes, this was all done by me. proud moment right there) and opened my new blog, all was good. However, after much thought I realised, did I really want to leave all of my lovely readers, sweet comments and memories that I have documented over here? No. I didn't. Silly me. So the task of transferring that design over here began and here we are. There's still quite a lot of older posts that need a bit of editing magic but we're almost there and I'm finally happy with the way my blog looks. I do apologise for being such a pain in the bum!

002. How have you all been anyway? The post title pretty much describes how I'm feeling at the minute, I'm still happy little me but I just need to get away, just for a little while. Fly to a place where my head can be clear and I don't have to worry about a thing. It's just sixth form getting me down, I have  an amazing friendship group there, they have been nothing but lovely to me but they weren't the friendship group I was with in high school, those friends didn't decide to come to sixth form. It's been over a year and I still don't feel like I fit in. Sixth form can be a lonely place sometimes. 

003. On a happier note I shall share with you my thoughts on a few films I have seen recently. They're both a bit out of my comfort zone to be honest, I'm a romantic comedy girl at heart, I love nothing more than a good, soppy movie. Cheesy I know. However, it was Sinister and Taken 2 that I was watching on the big screen this time. I will admit, I have seen a fair few horrors, with one of my childhood best friends being a horror movie junkie it was hard to stay away from them. I can deal with them though, and do enjoy them when there's a decent storyline to go along with it, Sinister wasn't as scary as I was expecting but definitely did have that interesting storyline and I would recommend it. Every one seemed to go a bit crazy when the news about a Taken 2 started circulating, I absolutely loved the first Taken movie so was one of those who was a little excited for the new release. It was very good, I just felt there was something missing, some sort of twist could have been thrown in to mix things up but once again, I would recommend it because I did enjoy it!

004. I have a driving lesson and two tests tomorrow yet I'm sitting here writing to you at midnight, oops. Definitely not complaining though, does anyone else find it easier to write at night? I don't have much more to tell you, hmm. I can tell you I'm in need of a large shopping spree though. It's been too long!

005. Loving Georgina's blog

Rachael xx


  1. I feel the same about my blog sometimes - i often want to start again and delete my older posts but those older ones you may not like so much show how far youve come and if it wasnt for them then you wouldn't have the blog you have now :) well done on getting it to how you want it lovely - i thiink we all have unsure moments about our blogs.

    I know what you mean about sixth form - i was exactly the same.Its not nice having to fit in with groups of friends that have been together for years! Good luck with your tests! xx

    1. I totally agree :) I think everyone feels a bit 'meh' with their blog at some point. I am pretty happy with it for now, thank you. Ah the sixth form situation isn't good is it, I'm so socially awkward as well haha so it hasn't been easy. Thanks! xx

  2. Your blog design looks really great! And I can't believe I haven't seen the first Taken yet - I've heard so many good things about it and I've been meaning to see it for ages! Found you through the last bbloggers blog hop and I'm following you now!

    x Ellie @ Ellalogy 

    1. Thank you very much Ellie! You really do need to see the first Taken, it's not something I would usually watch but I totally enjoyed it x

  3. Good luck with your driving lessons and tests :)


    1. Thank you, they didn't go too badly :)

  4. First time reading your blog and already enjoying myself. You got yourself a ne w follower. xo




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