20 Jul 2012

Haul 3

New look, £6 from £16.99
Blazer; Internacionale, £19.99. Bandeau tops; New Look, £2.99 each.
Black wedges, £10 from £25. Floral flatforms, £10 from £35 both ASOS. Green wedges; H&M, £10 from £24.99.
All earrings and rings; Dorothy Perkins, £1-£2. Collar necklace; H&M, £3.99.
Triangle necklace; Dorothy Perkins, £3 from £12.50. Hair Dye, £6.49 each.
L'oreal voluminous carbon black, £8.49 both Boots. Brush holder; TKMaxx, £4.99.
Hello, money has been spent and I'm back with another haul, oh dear. I have been trying to build up my basics recently which is why the clothing items may seem a little boring, however, the peplum top definitely steals the show for me. I was going to wait until I had the £18 and then splash out on the Topshop version but no need, I found this baby in the New Look sale. I usually stay away from tight fitting clothes as they often enjoy showing off my lumps and bumps but this beauty is so flattering, it totally sucks me in without feeling uncomfortable. I love how simple and classy it is. A blazer is something that has been on my wishlist for a while, this is actually the first one to ever have a place in that wardrobe of mine. The reason being is just because every time I go to buy one I always think they are too form fitting and I couldn't pull it off, this is perfect though, it may have a horrific neon orange thing down the inside but who's going to see it when you're wearing it? It's more casual than other blazers yet can still make you look smarter. I picked up 2 bandeau tops as I have a few things which could do with having one of these to be paired with, rather than me spoiling the look by having to chuck a vest top under certain items. I did pick up a white oversized t-shirt with cut out shoulders from New Look too, £4 from £6.99, however it was showing a hatred towards my camera, proving very hard to photograph. I do love it though, oversized tops are definitely more my thing, so versatile! The shoes. Where do I start, £10 each, how much of a bargain, the green ones are actually much brighter than they are showing up, I love them! As you can see, I may have accidentally on purpose had a rummage through the Dorothy Perkins jewellery sale, the prices are amazing! My large collection of other costume jewellery has been lying around collecting dust for a while now, non of my rings actually fit me any more so what do we do, we start a whole new collection with the next size up. A medium is a little on the large side but we can work with it. I love all of my new pieces, including the two necklaces. I have wanted the collar necklace for ages, I love how they both look, they really add to an outfit. I don't even need the hair dye now, I'm assisting my friend in her hairdressing assessment so she's going to colour it for me for the grand price of nothing. The mascara was a recommendation from this lovely blogger, I originally had the telescopic mascara scribbled down on my little shopping list, just because I am a little obsessed with Anna, everything she loves, I need. I just couldn't pay the price, I know it's not even that expensive I'm just tight with my pennies haha. I also got a new brush holder, I spotted this in Barbara's room tour and knew that it needed a place in my bedroom. It matches my room perfectly, it spins too, just saying.

What have you been buying recently? I'm currently blogging from school, this is strange, blogger has always been blocked but for some reason, it's back! Lets hope it stays, there are people behind me though, praying they can't see what I'm upto! Talking of school I have one more lesson and then my summer holidays begin, yay! I'm off to get my hair coloured and then spending the night with the girls. I hope you're all well and have had a good week .

Thank you for reading. Love, 
Rachael xx


  1. Hope you like the mascara :) I need to get another one.

    1. I decided to open my Bad gal sample for when I go on holiday but as soon as that is used up I shall be trying the voluminous :) Looking forward to trying it xx

  2. Love the black peplum top xx

  3. Those floral flatforms are so so cute! x


    1. Thank you! That's exactly what I thought when I seen them :) x

  4. Loooove those rings!!!


  5. Ah wow, that brush holder is so cute!! x

    1. Thank you, it looks really nice on my dressing table, I love it! x


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