20 Mar 2012

My friends are in the bathroom getting higher than the Empire State

Hello again lovelies, I hope you are all well.So yesterday was finally the first day of Spring, yay! I love this season as we're all sick of winter and so ready for Summer, now we are slowly moving closer to the Summer months with blue skies, light mornings and pastel colours. Thought it was about time we had a little catch up although, as usual, nothing exciting has been occurring in this little life of mine. I'm not a fan of change but i'm so ready for something out of the ordinary to happen, I am planning a little surprise weekend away for Lee's birthday (my boyfriend, realised I should probably stop refering to him as 'boyfriend') so that should be fun, at the minute Edinburgh is on the cards as I really want to see the giant pandas and Lee has never visited a zoo but I think he'd enjoy it.

1 and 2: Here we have one of my latest bargains. So far, MAC's pro longwear foundation is the best foundation I have tried so of course when my friend asked for MAC foundation recommendations I immediately suggested this baby, not that I have tried any of the others. My advice was taken, however, days later I received a text asking if I would like to buy hers for £12 as it was 'too natural' for her, I know what your thinking, isn't foundation supposed to look natural? In my opinion this is definitely medium to full coverage but hey ho. I wasn't going to repurchase this due to lack of pennies so I definitely wasn't going to turn down getting my hands on my favourite foundation for £12 rather than £22.50 but you may have noticed a rather considerable difference, I wanted to show you the colour variation between mine and my friend's. I was matched at NW20 whereas she opted for NC15 as they don't offer a NW15 in this specific foundation but with them being pretty close shades the colour is anything but close which surprised me a bit. Thankfully, I am a true Casper and always thought that NW20 left me looking like a bit of an orange so i'm pleased to say NC15 suits me much better, result! However, I do feel I need to use a lot more product with this lighter colour to get the coverage I like which is strange, maybe where the idea of it being 'too natural' came from.

3: Finally remembered to grab myself a Superdrug beauty card, i'm sure this will be as well loved as my Boots one, nothing better than seeing your points creep up to the point where you can buy something lovely without the guilt of handing over cash. Also, i'm now on the organ donor register, such a good feeling knowing that I could potentially save a life in the future.

4: Managed to collect all the tokens in the Sun newspaper to receive 2 Alton Towers tickets! Did anyone else? Being one who enjoys big scary rides I love the place, would be a nice weekend away too. I'm rather disappointed with the way they have organised the dates though, i'll be lucky if the date is one where I won't be at school as they offered 11 date 'bands' in which we had to choose 5 and place them in order of preference, they will then choose an available date for us which is a bit of a bummer but fingers crossed it will be suitable and we can venture out for an enjoyable day, daring each other to go on the biggest rides. Not too sure who 'we' is yet by the way, hopefully Lee if he isn't working. 

5: Had a bit wander into New Look and here are my bargains from the last  of the sale, not quite enough for a haul but I am quite obviously loving the floral! I snapped up this super cute tie up top for £6 down from £14.99, this floral cross top which I have been eyeing up for a while, only £5 down from £14.99 and this gorgeous little dress, I can't remember the price but I do know it was a brilliant bargain and put a huge smile on my face. I can't wait to wear it with tights and brogues for school or going bare legged for a pretty summer's day, it has a pretty unusual neck too which gives it a bit of a twist, too cute!

6: I received my first A level results recently and ended up with a B in sociology which, as you can see, I was rather happy with considering my revision didn't go too well. I really was expecting a D at the most, standing in line trembling outside his classroom ready to be disappointed. If I had revised properly instead of only focusing on the first topics and leaving it till the night before as per usual that moment could have resulted in me screaming with excitement like an idiot due to an A grade but I have always been a B/C student so i'm a happy chappy. If any of you received results, I hope you were happy too!

7: So, for the past week I have been sporting a shiner of a black eye, looks like I have applied eye shadow with my eyes closed doesn't it haha but this is the result of a play fight between me and Lee, we really should calm down. Don't worry he didn't literally punch me or anything, we just happened to move at the same time and his ankle bone and my eyebrow bone came into contact with some force resulting in this beauty. Yes, we're crazy. Thankfully it has almost disappeared but my foundation managed to cover it up perfectly when it was at its worst, no one even noticed! Oh how I love make up.

8: Working hard, organising my folders and writing up my notes in neat. Organisation makes me happy, that is all.

9: Sunday was the day that we all spoiled our mommas and told them how much we loved them. Me and my mam have been through a lot, for a few years it was just the two of us and we may have not seen eye to eye but we are like the best of friends nowadays, I do love her, appreciate everything she has done for me and admire her strength. I would have loved to have treat her to a luxurious spa day but unfortunately my poor student budget doesn't stretch that far so I settled for the Coldplay album that she had asked for, some chocolates and cute little roses in a little pink bag, she was rather pleased. 

I know this post wasn't at all interesting but I do hope you enjoyed it, it's always good injecting a bit of my personal life into my blog, what have you been up to? Thanks for reading. Love, 
Rachael xx


  1. Lovely post dear! Check my blog and follow me if you want sweetie :X I`ll follow back !


  2. Rachael, I love your blog, I followed immediately. I'm from Sunderland so we are neighbours haha. I do much prefer your city to satisfy my shopping needs though. If you get a chance come and visit my blog and say hi.

    B xxx

    1. Thank you so much, haha I must admit I do love the shopping here xxx


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