4 Mar 2012

Empty 2

So here we are at the beginning of a new month with another empties post from moi. It really is crazy how fast the time goes these days. I did say last month that this month was looking good in terms of empties but i'm not sure that's the case, I didn't get through as much as I had hoped but I think that's just me persuading myself that things are not quite done yet when they obviously need to be thrown. 

Soft & Gentle deodorant: This one is in the scent verbana & waterlily which personally, apart from the fact it reminds me of my trip to New York, i'm not a fan of. I'm rubbish at describing smells but it just doesn't float my boat. Although these deodorants have rather pretty packaging and are inexpensive for 150ml, currently at £1.89 in superdrug, the reason I don't like them is because of the masses of product which escape one spray, filling the room and catching your throat resulting in a pretty unpleasant experience, it even set of a mini smoke alarm in our hotel room! It does keep you dry though and I didn't notice any white marks which is always a good thing.

So... irresistible shower gel: I'm sure we all remember the "so..." fragrances from our childhood, just me? As far as I know you can't buy these individually, I just gained mine from a Christmas gift set so I won't go into detail, as you can see the label has completely messed up with the water which irritates me and it didn't lather up well, only good point was the lovely cherry scent.

Mark Hill sexy straight nourishing shine shampoo: Well, wasn't that a mouthful. I also received this 75ml bottle in a gift set at Christmas and am not sure if this is available full size, the straight-a-holic shampoo is the most similar product I have found from Mark Hill (£3.66 at Boots). It did take quite a lot of product to create the lather that I love in a shampoo but the outcome was nice, shiny locks. Yes it's nice but I didn't notice any difference with this product compared to any other shampoo. Also, it claims to keep hair straighter and smoother for longer, I very rarely straighten my hair so can't comment on this but it definitely didn't attempt to flatten my waves which was something I was slightly worried about. It does smell good too and I like the packaging, always a plus in my opinion.

Simple replenishing rich moisturiser: This has been my daily moisturiser for a while now and I have once again repurchased, 125ml for £3.89 at boots you can't go wrong. I consider myself to have normal - combination skin so maybe this wouldn't be intensive enough for dry skin but with no perfume, colour or harsh chemicals this would suit those sensitive skin people out there, it definitely doesn't break me out. This moisturiser absorbs super quickly and creates a perfect base for makeup as well as giving a good amount of moisurisation. It is more of a liquid rather than a cream so isn't heavy on the skin and one bottle seems to last forever. 

Elemis pro-collagen hand & nail cream: Yes the top has been cut off, I do like to make sure I get every scrap of product. This is only a teeny 3ml sample and i'm not going to lie I actually found this pretty much empty so can't say much apart from what I remember; this kept my hands moisturised without irritation which is sometimes a problem with hand creams for me. This product is £29.70 for 100ml in Debenhams which no, I wouldn't pay as I have found more inexpensive alternatives.

Dr Lewinns ultra R4 eye repair cream: I had never heard of this brand until my grandma gifted me with this and a moisturiser (which broke me out) after she had experienced the use of this brand during a spa day. I have since learnt it is available in Debenhams where it is desribed pretty technically, this specific product is priced at a rather ridiculous £41! Of course my cute little tub is only 5 grams and the real thing is 15 grams. I am still young and shouldn't really need an eye cream but I rub my eyes so much the skin has become so thin, I liked the packaging, scent, consistency of this and how well it absorbed but of course I can't comment on wrinkles, although I feel it did do something for my skin tone in the area.

Boots essential cleansing wipes: Like every month I went through my usual makeup wipes, I actually used 3 packets this month which considering there is 25 per packet is a bit crazy. As I will continue to use these I will only mention them once in an empties post, bit pointless repeating myself really. Anyhow I love these as they are basic fragrance free wipes which have a good amount of moisture and do not irritate my skin or claim to do anything spectacular. I use one of these morning and night and am left with such a nice, clean feeling, however, I don't feel they take off every last scrap of makeup so I always follow up with my cleanser at night. They are only £2.03 in boots but I often grab them on a 3 for 2 offer which take place quite often.

Asda skin system eye makeup remover pads: I do prefer to use a liquid to remove my eye makeup as it is less harsh but as these are only £1.73 from Asda, currently on a 5 for £4 offer I thought I would give them a go. You get 30 wipes in a pack, however I had to use one for each eye so the pack doesn't last too long unfortunately. They are fragrance free and do have a good amount of moisture, removing the majority of eye makeup, although I didn't feel like it was all gone. I still do prefer a liquid formula and am on the lookout for a new one, any reccomendations?

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Rachael xx


  1. I love facial wipes the witch ones are my favourite they smell nice and feel really soft on your skin :) XX

  2. These kinds of posts are really interesting to read and super helpful as well, so thank you so much for posting! x

    1. thankyou, your welcome I really enjoy writing them :) x

  3. I really want to try out Simple replenishing rich moisturiser. x

    1. You should :) I really like it! x


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